How to read music (scores)




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First and foremost, reading music requires your mind's attention rather than your technique. That is why it is important that you have global knowledge of the guitar, that is you are fully familiar with the guitar-oriented music theory and certain guitar techniques, before trying to exercise music reading. I therefore highly suggest reading and comprehending the following sections first:

  1. The Pénzes mirror image

  2. General principles of the guitar techniques (Soloing techniques basics II.)

  3. More on guitar techniques (Soloing techniques basics I.)

  4. The backbone of the Pénzes methodology - the trichord-structured basic scales (Basic scales I.)

  5. The rhythm and melody patterns of the basic scales, the so-called scale patterns (Scale patterns Ia.)

  6. The basics of rhythm (notation)

  7. Download and install Finale Notepad 2003 version from here (only for Windows). You can open all the sheet music files using this program. The sheet music files have .mus extension and they are all compressed in a .zip file.


When you are familiar with the basics of guitar soloing techniques and rhythm, there is still to read and learn in the Advice on learning & Exercise order section (see below).


Related sections


  1. Introduction

  2. Basic exercises

  3. Advice on learning - Exercise order - Interesting facts

  4. The list of exercises - How to read music (scores) - Introduction