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The English contact

I am happy to inform you that from now on you can take online lessons and consultations from me. After having been through a testing period, I am confident this is an successful teaching method. Successful means that the speed of the internet connection makes the teaching for the student and me as easy as it would be in person. The online communication is through the free internet call software Skype.


Let's take a round of snapshots of my students (almost) all around the world


Great Britain - London


...and me on the other end:


Great Britain - London


 Luxemburg - Luxembourg


 Luxemburg - Luxembourg


Hungary - Kerepes


Hungary - Pécs


Hungary - Szeged


France - Cannes


Irak - Arbil




Requirements of taking online lessons:

  • Medium-speed internet connection, with a recommended uploading speed of 0.5 Mb/sec (the bottleneck here is sending, i.e. uploading the audio and video). 3G modems can most of the time meet this requirement, depending on the reception. You can measure the connection speed of your internet on My own test results:



  • Webcam with good picture quality

  • Microphone with good sound quality (preferably external)

  • External speakers; the performance of laptop speakers are usually too poor to be able to effectively hear guitar sounds

  • Skype installed on your computer

  • Minimum 1 lesson per week

  • Before taking your first lesson, we can have the chance to spend 30 minutes getting to know each other online, with free of charge

  • My Skype contact:

Sorry, but I will not add unknown persons as contacts. So if you have a question to ask through Skype, please first let me know via email.


The English contact


I would like to introduce you my business representative in Great Britain, Mr. Zoltan Derzsi:

You might as well question him in any topic that it is not clear to you on my website, for example, new musical theory based upon Penzes method, OSIRE, scalesystem, scalevariations, musical mathematics, business questions, etc. - Contact & teaching