Soloing techniques basics

Learning a song or learning a system of scales?


Those so-called 'methodologies', as you can see, are no competitors to OSIRE. So the question is more like why focus on scales rather than on learning the chord progressions, solos etc. of songs.

Musically defined sound

  • Consonance

  • Scale formation based on nature's acoustic phenomena

  • Tonality

  • Music's inherent rhythmical symmetry

  • Rhythm

  • Tonal system

  • Scale system

  • Harmonics (chord system)

  • Melody

  • Song


    One should first comprehend and learn these musical systems and then apply this knowledge when learning or composing musical creations, i.e. songs. The problem is when the second step comes first.

    Taking a closer look at the figure, you can come to the conclusion that scale system is the first level that can be considered a base for comprehending the whole system. Although the tonal system incorporates all the key notes, which are the twelve semi-tones in the European twelve-tone equal temperament system, and these notes make up a scale (chromatic scale), music as such can only derived from the five and seven-note scales, also called pentatonics and diatonics.

    To avoid misinterpretations, I have to note here: Although I have put rhythm at the bottom of the pyramid and, in fact, it partially defines what we call music, the rest of the components above it are not derived from the rhythm.

    What is also apparent in the figure is that the chord system and even the melody can be derived from the scale system. However, the scale system can never be derived from the chord system or the melody. Consequently, the scale system is what's taught first and foremost to students. The OSIRE scale software can be a huge help with that.

    All in all, if you want to have a global insight of music, you will have to dig way deeper than just learning songs and melodies.

    My methodology gives you exactly what is necessary to get that knowledge. - Soloing techniques basics - Learning a song or learning a system of scales?