The OSIRE - Trade offer


Undoubtedly, the OSIRE is very useful in teaching music. Altough guitar, bass guitar scales appeared before, but only the Guitar School of Penzes have modelled these scales for other stringed instruments so far.

Additionally, a huge number of scale variations are available based on mathematic foundations, with a script language extremely easy to learn. As the owner of the OSIRE, this market leading (and copyright-protected in many countries) software product, I offer my business co-operation to traders, who are willing to transfer or create their methodologies to the one offered by the Guitar School of Penzes. My potential clients incude:

  • Musical schools
  • Music teachers
  • Other companies or institutions involved in or with music

It is straightforward that by using the OSIRE, the student benefits the most, but I am convinced that we will be able to agree in a business solution where both sides could profit.

If you see the potential in my product, please don't hesitate contacting me. - The OSIRE - Trade offer