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Our customers receive the free hotfix support, our users receive important updates to their purchased version. Details on what happened in this version is available on this page.



Some minor practical modifications have been implemented, which affects the demo version as well. Click [http://www.music-instrument-guitar.co.uk/welcome.php] here to obtain the new version.



We have finished the 1v version. The new features has been described in the manual, which is available as a website and in PDF for those who are registered and logged in. The demo version has been modified as well, to have the same look & feel as the full version.

We are currently implementing the OPRE, the OSIRE for pianos, keyboards and organs.

Now, the OSIRE is available as a product package available for purchase, and we are pleased to announce that the Guitar School of Penzes is now complete.

Those students who were testing the new version can freely obtain the new release. All they have to do is to order the product on the website, and we will confirm their order without payment. Their copy is valid for two computers as well.



We have found out that the OSIRE's notation system is not entirely compatible with the EU, due to a discrepancy between the German and the Hungarian system. This problem is now resolved, and we implemented the left-handed option as well. It's now under testing. This how it looks like now:


(horizontal view of the fretboard of a 6-string guitar in 1v)



Due to the enormous effort have been put in development, the OGRE is now known as the OSIRE, as it is now can 'teach' a large number of different stinged instruments.


(the vertical view of the fingerboard of a cello)

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